You and Your Hair – How Natural Hair Treatment Differs With Hair Transplant Procedure

Hair problems are very common nowadays. There are a lot of products that promise an instant answer in getting your healthy, silky and thick hair back. However, we all know that this is not possible unless you undergo a hair transplant procedure. Because some people remain hesitant in undergoing the said procedure, they then avail various means in getting their hair back to its shape by utilizing natural and effective methods. Here are some of the popular ones: Drink Green Tea – research has proven that this drink contains various substances that are very much capable in impeding an enzyme called 5-alpha-reductase which is responsible in converting testosterone into DHT. The blocking of this conversion contributes in the prevention of baldness. Herbal Oils – rosemary and sage are one of the most in demand herbs for the hair today. You can boil these two herbs together with other herbs such as nettle root extract and peach leaf. After that, the loose herbs should be carefully strained from the liquid. This should be applied externally, as a daily hair wash. Massage – doing a 15 minute scalp massage daily would really help in promoting hair growth and in stimulating blood circulation in the hair follicles. Meanwhile, you can also utilize electric massagers which are available in the market today; these are specifically designed for scalp massage. Qi Gong – this refers to a Chinese method of utilizing breathing and posture exercises which also includes meditation. Aside from relieving stress, this technique has been proven to produce healing benefits including the improvement of the face and scalp’s blood flow. Careful diet – Our diet plays an important role in preventing further hair loss. Food items that contain zinc and protein which is commonly found in beef and chicken should be included in your diet. However, if you are figure conscious, you can always count on fish, oysters, peanuts, beans and milk to supplement your body with theses needed minerals. Exercise – doing daily exercises do not directly contribute to hair growth. However, holistic practitioners recommend this due to the known fact that exercise could assist in improving blood circulation. Thus, the delivery of oxygen and mineral in our cells remain sufficient, providing healthy hair follicles as a result. Although these natural techniques are proven safe and effective, self-discipline is the main key for all these natural methods to work. Regular application is a requirement in order to ensure hair growth success. On the other hand, if you do not wish to wait or simply don’t have the time to endure these practices, you can simply go for a hair transplant procedure. Hair transplantation does not prevent hair loss nor does it assist in promoting hair growth. It is a method of placing healthy hair follicles into the balding areas of your head. The most unwanted result post-procedure is the unnatural look of transplanted hair. This is the reason why if you would opt for this kind of procedure, you better be wise in choosing the doctor who will do your transplant. Your physician’s experience and the use of good technology should go hand in hand to ensure the best results. The natural methods of preventing baldness is very safe however, its effectiveness could depend on the manner of its application and consistency. Meanwhile, a hair transplant procedure although risky and costly compared to the former, has a higher rate of providing efficient results. In the long run, you would realize that getting a hair transplant would be wiser compared to the use of natural methods, which although safe and effective could depend on your daily self-discipline. If you wish to learn more or wish to avail a hair transplant and you are around Sydney, Australia, contact the Australian Institute of Hair Restoration.